Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1.2 - Who Says That‽

We trained a good bit. Derek fought against others of his kind and Al took on anything on which she could get her paws. Ashley was more selective and only battled certain pokémon (ones she deemed not likely to harm her) and Ben was a reliable back up. After battling near Pallet Town a bit, we went back to Viridian City. The gym was old, decrepit and locked.

"What exactly is a pokémon gym?" Ben looked at me curiously.
"Its a place where you test your skill to see how many opponents you can smash," Al responded.
"I disagree," Ashley said. "While you can test your skill, it is more about proving yourself as a capable trainer than it is about such a...base goal."
"It also allows you to show your accomplishments to others," I said. "When you win, you get a Badge. They allow you to do more powerful things and let you past certain areas. While they can be a status symbol, they also raise your stats and garner you respect."
"It is not the only way to be respected," Ashley pointed out, "but probably the most common."
"And the best," Al added.
Ben smiled. "Okay. Sounds like a fun thing to me. Do you plan on competing?"
"I might," I responded. "But we'll have to see." I paused. "If you want, I can show you where you go with those badges."

I took my team west of Viridian, intending on showing them Victory Road and Indigo Plateau, the places where the best trainers in the land practice and fight. Of course, there was a Kevin blocking my way when I got there.
"They don't let weaklings like us in there," he said.
"I know. I just wanted to..."
"Besides, you wouldn't last one minute in there."
"I know, but I was..."
"Not that you could even get near there without any badges."
"I know that Kev. I just wanted to show..."
"So how are your pokémon?"
"Oh my goodness," Ashley said, coming out of her pokéball. "You are a rude little boy and you need to let your friend's speak."
"I see you got a pidgey too," Kevin said, sending out his own. They flew around and battled. It was clear that his pidgey was stronger, so I sent in Derek to finish it off once Ashley was tired. He looked angry at that.
"Okay, time to get serious." He sent out his watery turtle, Squirtle.
Ben hopped out. "I beat this once and I'll beat it again."
The two started fighting but I began to get afraid that his Squirtle would spit water at Ben and hurt him, so I sent out Al to finish it. She whacked it with gusto and knocked it out. Kev frowned at me.
"Well, I guess you have some talent."
"I'm heading back to train and challenge the gyms. Smell ya later."

He left and we stared at where he was.
"Smell ya later?" Al snorted. "Who says that?"
"I have no clue..." Derek said.
With that, we continued our journey. There was a forest ahead and we entered it. Inside, I saw a cute green caterpillar. It had large eyes for such a small pokémon and crawled right over to me. I named her JoHanna.

JoHanna - ♀ Caterpie
Quirky Nature, Shield Dust ability.
Lvl 3, Viridian Forest

"Well aren't you cute?"
"Why thank you, large human. You aren't terrible looking either," she replied.
"Aww...everything you say is cute and sweet."
"Why thank you. I appreciate that."
"I shall hug you and squeeze you and call you JoHanna."
"Hey, what about me?" Ben said, looking at me sadly.
"I have enough love to go around," I said, picking up the two of them and giving them a big group hug.

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  1. I love the ending! When will you be putting out more. Also no typos this time!